Find Your Dream Job, the first career coaching and job placement service combined to help you find your dream job fast.

The “everything included” service that helps thousands find their Dream Job and find it fast!

Do you find yourself saying?

“I don’t like my job”

“They don’t pay me what I’m worth”

“I feel like my job is holding me back”

If you ever find yourself saying those statements then this is exactly what you need.


Numbers Don’t Lie

Over 74% of the current workforce is open to making a move for a job

That means that competition for your dream job is always at an all-time high

The average job opening attracts 250 resumes

Only 2% of applicants are called in to interview

You have less than 6 seconds to gain the attention of hiring managers and recruiters

If this is true and it is,

It means that the competition is extremely high and without having an advantage over your competition the odds are unfortunately not in your favor.

But not to fear there is a solution!

Why Should I Get Help?

The more YOU standout the easier it will be for YOU to obtain your dream job!

Competition is High

Earn more Money

Stand Out

The better and higher paying the position is, The tougher it will be for you to land the job without the proper help!

Let Us Help You Get A Job Fast

But why should I use this service?

This isn’t some useless course someone tries to sell you. Instead, you actually work hand and hand with a Human Resource Executive who has over 15 years of hiring and management experience. You get to learn exclusively from him.

On your own you stand a 2% chance of landing your dream job. However, with our help you can increase this drastically. That’s because we will prepare you and also make you standout from the rest of the applicants.

The Time Is Now!

Now, I know your saying to yourself you can wait…but that’s not the case.

Knowing how to standout to Hiring Managers and Recruiters can only be recognized by experts

And it’s where we come in for you

After working one on one with our Human Resource Executive

I’m worried about messing up on my interview” turns into “I was confident when I went to interview and was ready for the questions they asked me.

I fill out applications but never get called for an interview” turns into “within a few days of completing applications I had set up interviews

There’s too much competition for my dream job” turns into YOU standing out from the competition and landing YOUR dream job!

Let’s be serious here. The job market is getting tougher and tougher. Going to school and getting an education isn’t enough anymore. Now, you need to be able to stand out from the others that did the exact same thing as you. Getting ahead of the competition is pivotal in landing your dream job.

You get a rare advantage to find your dream job working with our seasoned professional

With the only goal to give you an advantage over the other 98% of applicants fighting for your dream job

With this unique service you get

Interview Preparation

You will get world-class interview prep one on one with a professional Human Resource Executive to help you overcome the issues that were holding you back when you went to interview. You will learn how to masterfully communicate your message even when you’re put on the spot.

Access to our HUGE network or hiring professionals

We have a large network and we use that to promote you within it. You get access to thousands of individuals and the majority of them are Executives, hiring managers or people who make hiring decisions.

A Recruiter to go out and find jobs and apply on your behalf

You only have a few seconds to capture the attention of a hiring manager or recruiter. Not having your resume and cover letter optimized will get you nowhere. However, having an expert who has hired over 1,000 people view your resume and cover letter will change that for you.

And a huge list of things that will be done to help you stand out from the competition (we don’t list them here so your competitors won’t know what you’re doing different and how your able to standout)

Result Speaks for Itself

In the past few years, we’ve help many individuals seeking various careers to find their dream job and find it fast.

We believe we can do the same for your career as well.

"James help me land my dream job after I was able to stand out"
Derrick Carver
Accounting Manager
"I was amazed how I was able to get offers for jobs after using this service"
Justin Harper
Vice President
This service is worth every penny!
Liz Schmidt

Are you ready to find your Dream Job?

Get a spot on our client list as we only work with 10 clients at a time to insure we are able to deliver maximum results.


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This service is for anyone who want to work their dream job. From blue collar to executive level jobs our Human Resource expert has helped individuals in every career path.

We have a few tried and true methods to help you stand out. With taking all the years of hiring and interviewing our experts have collectively we have come up with a tried and true way to help you stand out from your competition no matter what dream job you are seeking.

No, if you’re unemployed and looking for your dream job this is extremely useful for you.

Yes, if you aren’t qualified for the job we cant give you that. You will at least need to have some sort of experience in the field you are seeking. Furthermore, if it is a position that requires a certain level of education or training (i.e physician, lawyer, nurse) you will need to have that before you can even be considered for your dream job.

The service last for 30 days. We don’t waste time so we get you ready in as little time as possible.

To become a client you need to have a resume, cover letter, be qualified for your dream job, and have the drive to achieve it! We will help with the rest.

To ensure each client is able to get the attention they deserve we only work with 10 clients at a time.

Unfortunately, no one can 100 percent guarantee you will get hired. A lot of factors can play a role in you not obtaining your dream job that are out of our control. However, with working with us your chance of getting into that 2 percent that obtain an interview skyrocket and increase the odds of you obtaining your dream job.

We offer a variety of packages and ways to pay so each one is different. We will be glad to give you more details and show you our packages. All you have to do is request a quote.

Our Human Resource Executive has over 15 years of human resource and management experience. With hiring individuals in blue collar position all the way to executive level positions he has the knowledge and experience you need to help you stand out. 

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